Greta Gets Ready for 7PM


Fox News Anchor Greta Van Susteren is leaving her spot on Fox News at 10PM, but she isn't going far. 

Van Susteren is moving up 3 hours on the schedule to 7PM. 

She's excited about the move, but even she admits, it might take a bit of time for her to adjust. “I’ve been in the business and I’ve been an anchor in cable for now twenty-some years, probably the longest continuous anchor, and the one thing I’ve learned is it really takes about six months to figure out a new show,” Van Susteren told POLITICO.

Greta will kick off her new time slot on Monday, but she isn't the only Fox News Anchor making a move. 

Megyn Kelly makes her move from daytime to prime time “The Kelly File” at 9 p.m. Sean Hannity will take over Van Susteren’s 10 p.m.

Van Susteren will stay in DC, but she is getting a new set to go along with her new time slot. Or at least she's hoping she'll have a new set. “They tell me it’ll be done by Monday,” Van Susteren said.

Is she ready for 7PM? “I would expect, first of all, we’re going to feel our way, of course,” she said. “But I would expect the first week to look different, because we have a new set and new studio, content to be the same and a few little things, but we’re going to do like every cable news show and test out for the next six months to figure out where we are.”

Greta has been anchoring at FNC for almost a decade, not bad for someone that she would be there a year or two. 

 “I figured I’d do it for a year or two because that was the only open space when I came here because Paula Zahn was gone,” Van Susteren said. “So I’ve been the new person for 11 and a half years. And so nothing was ever open. And when I came here, everyone sort of said to me — no one promised me anything — but everyone said to me, ‘Yeah, yeah, if something earlier opens up we’ll consider you.’ Nobody promised me anything.”

“Well, I never dreamed it would be 11 and a half years, for god’s sake,” she added with a laugh.

By the way, the new prime time Fox lineup starts on Monday, the very day the channel launched 17 years ago.

And Greta has been there for more than half of it. 

H/T Politico