When a Newspaper Runs a TV Newsroom


Insiders at WHIO in Dayton say morale has sunk ever since the station moved their studios to the Cox Media Center building in late 2010. 

WHIO now works under the same roof as the Cox owned Dayton Daily News. Cox has placed the newspaper, radio and WHIO all under the same roof in an effort to streamline operations and share resources. 

WHIO insiders say that The Dayton Daily News has essentially taken over operations of the TV station and it hasn't been going well. 

Sources say the Newspaper is running (or ruining) the TV newsroom.  

A number of staffers have left the station and more have their eyes on the exit.  

Some of those that left recently: Erica Collura, Jenna Deery, Anne Yeager (after just ONE week) and Mark Bruce

Sources say that they have only hired ONE person to replace them so far "because job candidates keep getting scared off by morale and the newspaper atmosphere."

With the state of the newspaper industry these days, do you really think these are the people that you want running your TV station?  

Just saying....