Piers Morgan Calls FTVLive a "Mad Blogger"

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Piers Morgan went on Howard Stern's radio show Today and took shots at two of the biggest people in Media..... Bill O'Reilly and Me (FTVLive).

Morgan told some story about how Bill O'Reilly blew him off and said that O'Reilly was "a dick." 

He was then asked about the FTVLive report that CNN was looking to replace him at 9PM. 

FTVLive reported that Morgan had signed a one year extension to his contract and that CNN was "actively looking for a replacement for Piers Morgan."

Morgan told Stern that FTVLive's report was wrong and that he recently signed a one year extension to his contract. Ummmmm....sorry Piers, but I believe that is exactly what we reported. 

Morgan then referred to me as a "mad blogger." Since Morgan is British, I'm not sure what his translation of "Mad blogger" means? I know people say that Tiger Woods has "mad golf skills" which means that Tiger is very good at his job of a PGA Tour player.  

So, will take it as Piers was complimenting us and for that we thank him.  

But then Morgan told Howard Stern he had never heard of FTVLive. Yet, for some reason he knows we are "mad." Interesting...to say the least.

Piers might want to ask his boss Jeff Zucker about FTVLive, we are 100% positive he's heard of us. 

Or better yet Piers, call over to gang at Fox News,  the network that cleans the floor with you every night in the ratings.  

They've heard of FTVLive. Hell... Greta even blogs about this site. 

Piers you can ask Hoda and Kathie Lee about FTVLive. Or Robin Meade over at your sister HLN. 

Finally, FTVLive's story was that Piers Morgan signed a contract extension and that Jeff Zucker is looking to replace him in the 9PM slot. We also said that Morgan might stay on at CNN but more than likely it will be outside prime time. 

We stand behind that story and we'll just have to wait and see how it plays out. 

FTVLive has a long history of breaking stories and our batting average is pretty damn high when we do. 

We'll just have to wait and see if this swing was a hit or a miss? 

But, so far we like the pitch. 

And we don't think Bill O'Reilly is a dick. 

Sounds like you are the one that's "mad" Piers.  

Our pissing match with Piers is also playing out (love the alliteration) is also playing out over at Jim Romenesko's site.