Regis Show on Fox Sports 1 is a Flop

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The ratings for Regis Philbin's sports show 'Crowd Goes Wild' on the new Fox Sports 1 is so far a ratings bust.

And if you believe the National Enquirer, the low ratings have Regis really depressed.  

The Enquirer writes that the devastated Philbin fears that he’ll be remembered as a showbiz flop, pals say.

“Regis desperately wanted another hit, but the ratings for his new show are in the toilet,” an industry insider told the Enquirer. 

“And the stress is taking a terrible toll. The poor guy looks awful. Regis is miserable and cranky on the set and he’s lost the twinkle in his eye.”

The 82 year old TV vet’s  wife Joy is also very worried about him, added the source.

“Crowd Goes Wild” debuted in late August on Fox Sports 1. Sources say that sports nut Regis – who left the syndicated daytime talk show “Live!” in 2011 after a successful 23-year run – felt it would put him back on top.

“Regis was determined to hit the showbiz heights one more time,” said the insider. “He also wanted to distinguish himself from what he feels are a pack of wet-behind-the-ears sports broadcasters. But ‘Crowd Goes Wild’ sucks. As they say in Hollywood, it doesn’t have legs.”

Now Regis has apparently latched onto the idea that the ratings will turn around.

“But everyone close to him knows that’s probably not go­ing to happen,” said the insider. “The question is, how do you get through to a legend that it’s time to step down?”

FTVLive gets the feeling that Regis will be just fine.