Government Shutdown will Dominate the News


Up until midnight the story of the US Government shutdown was nothing more that watching which politician could grab more face time and make ridiculous claims of why the "other side" is to blame. 

Today it gets real and the story also moves from the cable news channels to local news. Look for news crews to be staked out national parks that are now closed. You'll see them on roads where construction has now stopped, at Military bases that are now working with skeletal staff. Moms and Dads that work for the Government have to explain to their children why they aren't going to work and aren't getting paid. 

The story of the shutdown will dominate the coverage on newscasts.

But, the Politicians will still be available to the cameras.  They will continue to get on TV as much as they can to blame the other side. Before or after the shutdown, the Politicians never change. 

By the way, they are still getting paid.