How to Deal with a Bad News Director

Whenever I talk to people in TV News, often time I hear the words "my News Director is a jerk." Of course sometimes the language is a bit more rude, but you get the idea.

Bad Boss.jpg

When you listen to people, you come away convinced that 95% of all the News Directors are bad bosses and it's horrible to work for them.

FTVLive wants to give you some advice when you work for a jerk.

First, are you really sure your boss is the problem?

Have you always thought your News Director was an idiot no matter where you worked?  Come on....they all can't be bad. Maybe to have unreal expectations as to what your boss should be like? Maybe you're just a bad worker, or lazy or both. Before you blame your boss....take a good look at yourself.

If you figured out it's not you and it really is your boss that's the asshole, maybe it's time to address the issue head on. Ask your boss if you two and go to lunch together? It's best to get outside the station to talk about the problems you are having with him/her.

While at lunch, make some small talk and try to make it more like a friendly meeting, than a bitch session.

Then try to bring up some of the problems you are having in a way that won't make your boss defensive from the get go. Tell him/her that you feel like there are some issues at work and you just want to try and work them out.

Ask your boss what you could do better? Don't make this all about them and their mistakes.

Your News Director has the same problems as everyone else. Trouble at home, stress from his/her boss and other real world issues. No one is perfect and you need to understand that going in.

Even if you can't get a lunch with your boss. You can walk him/her out to their car at the end of the day. Just try and forge a relationship that shows you care and are concerned with how you are being treated.

Most of the times, this is all it will take for you and your boss to be back on the same page.

There is no doubt that other people in the newsroom will be treated better than you by your ND. It's also a good bet that there are others that get treated worse than you. Nobody is going to like everybody...that's just life.

It doesn't mean you have to suck up to the ND to get them to like you. Just be respectful and don't try to complain every chance you get.

When I was a News Director I never one time had someone come to my office door and ask how I was doing? Just about anytime someone comes into your office, it's because they have a problem. Remember that the next time you start heading towards the ND's office.

Lastly....if your boss really is that bad and it looks like nothing is going to change.... You can always quit. It might be something you need to plan out and you should never do so on the spur of the moment. But, no job is worth it if you go to work miserable each and everyday. I always say, everyone has bad days and even a bad week from time to time. But, when it becomes bad months, maybe it's time to do something else.

The bottom-line... if your boss is really that bad....His/Her boss should be able to figure it out and make a change. If they don't....then it's up to you to make the change.