Unemployed: Life on the Beach

There is a saying that they are two types of people that work in TV news. 

Those that have been fired and those that will be fired.


In other words, if you spend anytime in this business at all, it's likely at some point you are going to lose your job.

It might be layoffs, a contract not renewed or the boss just calls you in and hands you your last paycheck. No matter what, losing your job is never a fun thing.

FTVLive caught up with three people that have lost their jobs in TV news and are now looking for work.

We agreed not to use their real name and not to identify them in anyway. 

Let's take a look at the 3: 

"Steve"- was a News Manager that lost his job when the station was bought out by another company. He's been out of work for just over a month

"Jill" - was an Anchor that was told her contract was not being renewed. She's been out of work for 6 months.

"Carol" - was told her position was being eliminated. She's been out of work for almost a year.

"When I was told my job was being eliminated, I really took it well," says Carol. "I figured I would find something in TV news within a few weeks....almost a year later and I'm ready to give up on TV News as a profession."

As for Jill, she is enjoying life on the beach...for now. "The station told me 3 months before my contract expired that I wasn't being renewed," Jill tells FTVLive. "I felt like I was a total failure, the last 3 months flew by and before I knew it, I was unemployed."

Jill decided take time off from TV News and spend more time with her young son. "I've really only missed TV News when there is a big breaking story," she says. "I surprised that I don't miss it more than a do".

Steve already has a job offer, but it is for $10,000 less per year than he was making in his old job. "Not only is it for less money, the standard of living in the market I would be going to is a lot higher", he tells FTVLive.

Steve figures in real dollars it will be almost a $18,000 pay cut. He is trying to stall the station as long as he can while hoping a couple of other gigs he interviewed for come through.

"Do I take the job that is offered, or try and holdout for something that pays better?" Steve asks.

"He better take the job he's offered!" says Carol. "I have found that waiting for the perfect job is just a pipe dream," she adds.

All three say that losing job really taxes your emotions. Carol says, some days she feels great and others she finds herself crying for what seems like no reason.

Jill has passed the time with her Son and doing some volunteer work.

Steve says he makes looking for a job his full time job. He tells FTVLive that he gets up everyday and shaves and acts like he's going to work. Then he works the phone all day. "It might be 7:30PM here, but it's only 4:30 on the West Coast", he points out.

There advice to people working in TV news?

Don't think it can't happen to you!

"TV these days is all about doing more with less," says Steve. "One day you might be the less and it is a shock to the system".

All three say you have to keep your head up and realize just because your lost your job, it doesn't mean it was your fault or that you are a bad person.

Oh! And keep your resume updated!