FTVLive Does San Antonio


I am happy to report that I made my quick trip to Texas and didn’t get shot.

FTVLive was in the beautiful city of San Antonio for RTDNA/NAHJ.

The two organizations teamed up for one conference and it was well done and we could only wish that all the groups, RTDNA, NAHJ, NABJ and AAJA would all join forces and come together. It would make it easier on everyone and it would be a conference that surely was one that many would attend.

But, it is about money and power and none of these groups want to give up either one.

But, like I said, it was nice to see RTDNA and NAHJ team up this time.

I spent part of the day Thursday (by accident) on the floor at the convention and spent all day Friday at the conference.

I loved everyone that stopped me on the floor and said how they read FTVLive everyday and how much they love it. That happened over and over again and it is always nice to hear how many people read and like this website.

I had a really nice talk with Nexstar VP Jerry Walsh. Also, talked to KMOV ND Scott Diener, KVVU ND Tom Bell, Tegna’s KHOU News boss Sally Ramirez, KXTV News Director Jill Manuel. Yep I talked to all these Tegna people and more and all were very nice (I was wearing body armor just in case).

KABC News Boss Rob Elmore, WLS ND Jennifer Graves along with a number of others both in management and on air. Love the ABC folks!

I ran into Napoli Agents, Laurie Jacoby, Al Corral and Mike Isenberg.

I also saw NWT Agents Carolyn Kane and David Christopher, which were the only two agents that I saw at all the conventions I went to this year.

It is great to run into some old friends, old co-workers, but the best part is meeting new people. As I said, I get blown away by the people that walk up to me and say how much they love FTVLive and stop me to tell me that.

When you are sitting alone in the World Headquarters at 1AM banging out this website each and everyday, you don’t realize the people that are reading it. I see the numbers, but it is great to see the real faces. People from local TV stations, managers at TV groups and people at the cable news networks and broadcast, all saying how much they love FTVLive. Thank you to all of you that came up and said hi. You guys rock!

One of the best parts of my trip was having dinner on Friday night with TV Agent Dana Adams. She started Adams Broadcasting Consulting about the same time I was launching FTVLive. We met years ago, but haven’t seen each other in person since. We have had countless phone conversations over the years about starting a company and growing it.

And grow it she has.

Adams Broadcasting Consulting is a top tiered agency that offers full service. Not only are you getting representation, you are getting coaching as well. Dana spent years in markets like NY and LA and so she has been in the trenches and knows what she is doing.

Dana is one of the most organized (I sometimes say anal) people I know.

She is an awesome agent, but, not so good with directions. Despite the fact that were were walking along the riverwalk in downtown San Antonio, Dana got us lost like 4 times. Then again, I wasn’t much better.

We had a great dinner and you might not find two other people in the world that hate taking selfies, more than Dana and I.

So, at the end of dinner, we said “fuck it” and we took one together as a joke (photo up top).

Then it was time to walk back to the hotel, which was 5 minutes away, but took 25 minutes, because both of us are directionally challenged.

Now, I’m back in the World HQ and will spend the next few days trying to get caught back up.

Last but not least, I did run into Gregg Willinger again and this time he said hi and actually talked to me. I guess his 10:17AM meeting was canceled.

Right now….. what do you say we do some news?