The Missing News Director


The newsroom at The Firm’s station in Orlando was buzzing yesterday when News Director Jeff Zeller, mysteriously disappeared.

Insiders at WOFL said that Zeller left his office for a meeting and never came back. “The laptop he always carries/never without is sitting on his desk in his office,” said one source to FTVLive.

Newsroom staffers were finally told by the tight lipped Firm that Zeller had left for a “family emergency.”

The future of Zeller at WOFL has been a hot topic in the industry ever since General Manager Ally Meyers announced she was”resigning” from the station and was quickly replaced by Mike McClain.

The WOFL newsroom has been plagued by low morale and high turnover and many expect that McClain will be bringing in his own person to run the troubled news department.

A number of news staffers thought that’s what was going down yesterday.

Stay tuned….