This is Tegna...

This was the fullscreen from KHOU in Houston:


Not one, but two mistakes in a 8 word graphic.

Of course, this will bring FTVLive the emails that say, “Hey Scott, you should be the last one to be talking about misspellings and typos.”

OK, but I’m not a TV station with hundreds of people. This graphic should have been seen by the Reporter, the Producer, and the Executive Producer before it ever hit air. It’s about checks and balances for a TV station.

I’m one guy, banging out as many as 20 stories a day, staring at 1AM, doing it with little sleep and haven’t taken off a single day in 4 years (that’s counting weekends and holidays). I admit it, I work fast and I don’t proof read my stuff.

But, I’m on the internet, where typos are almost expected.

That’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it.