Missed it By That Much


CNN’s media critic Brian Stelter made a prediction about the ratings for the Democratic debate in Miami and he missed the mark. Stelter’s prediction was way low of the actual numbers.

When it came to the Women’s World Cup, Stelter took another shot saying, “The over/under for Sunday's U.S. victory at the Women's World Cup is 20 million, per one of my most reliable TV ratings insiders.”

Stelter might want to look for another source, because the ratings for the overnight markets came in around 10 million, and settled in at a total rating of around 14 million.

It was a strong number, but nowhere close to Stelter’s “most reliable” sources.

In a story FTVLive posted yesterday, we made the prediction that the ratings for the World Cup would be around a 10.3.

While we off (although we nailed the meter markets) we were not off as much as CNN’s media critic and his “most reliable TV ratings insiders.”