EXCLUSIVE: Kari Lake "F@#K Them"

Last week, FTVLive told you that KSAZ Anchor Kari Lake promoted the fact that she could be found on the Alt-Right social media website “Parler” and even promoted her Parler handle on her station branded Twitter account.

This is what Wikipedia has this to say about “Parler”:

“Parler is an American social networking service launched in August 2018 as an alternative to Twitter.[1] It is primarily used by persons associated with Donald Trump and right-wing politics.”

On Friday, FTVLive told you that, according to sources, after Fox management saw the story on FTVLive and Lake was asked to take the reference to Parler off of her Twitter account.

Now FTVLive has obtained video of Lake and her Co-Anchor John Hook preparing for a Facebook live, but before they knew that they were streaming on the platform, Lake and Hook were talking about how management told her to drop the reference to her Parler from her station Twitter.

Hook was trying to tell Lake why management made that decision, Lake responded with “Fuck Them."

Not sure your Anchor should be dropping F-Bombs and especially when those bombs seemed to be directed at management.

Let’s go to the video: