Sinclair Strikes Again


Sources tell FTVLive that Sinclair’s WJLA in DC has laid off Investigative Reporter Nathan Baca.

Baca joined the station two years ago from WBNS in Columbus and was a solid Reporter for the station, often covering stories about government mismanagement, waste and fraud.

Baca bought a house in the DC area for himself, his wife and young son and now Sinclair has kicked him to the curb.

We also hear that Sinclair might be doing the same thing to I-Team Manager Holly Shannon. Shannon has been at the station for years, is an old school Journalist that knows how to cover a story. Let’s hope Sinclair does not cast this good Journalist aside.

“The staff (at WJLA) has grown numb to the layoffs, attrition and general turnover. It all boils down to Sinclair being so damn cheap,” said one station insider to FTVLive.