Nexstar Spins Story in Their Direction

Brian Higgins

Brian Higgins

As you know, the Nexstar stations are off of DirecTV as the two corporate giants argue about how much of your hard earned money they should put in their pocket.

U.S. Congressman Brian Higgins wrote a letter to both DirecTV and Nexstar calling on the two sides to end a blackout.

But, when Nexstar owned WIVB reported the story, it read like this, “Congressman Brian Higgins is calling on AT&T to end a blackout impacting more than a hundred local TV stations. WIVB and WNLO are two of the Nexstar stations across the country that have been blacked out by DirecTV and AT&T.”

But in his letter, Higgins did not take sides. He wrote, "“I strongly urge both of your companies to complete negotiations so that any impact to access to services is minimized.”

The WIVB story spins it to read like Higgins is taking only DirecTV, which was not the case.

"To reiterate, I strongly encourage all parties to negotiate with each other in good faith. I urge that this process take place expeditiously and that each side serve the public interest by prioritizing the best interests of Western New Yorkers and understand the special contributions that local broadcasting and journalism make to my community and constituents,” Higgins wrote.

AT&T, which owns DirecTV, claimed Nexstar removed its stations after it rejected a deal that would have paid the company more money. It claimed that Nexstar is “demanding the largest increase that AT&T has ever seen from any content provider.”

Nexstar denies pulling the stations.

But we don’t think we can deny that they are spinning the news to make them not look like the bad guy.

H/T Buffalo News