The Dead Kid


Yesterday, a photo taken by journalist Julia Le Duc and published by Mexican newspaper La Jornada surfaced and it sparked a debate in newsrooms across the country.

The photo shows a man and his daughter laying dead in a river along the US-Mexican border.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo showed the picture on his show and in cross talk with Don Lemon at the end of his show, "I can't even look at it, Chris," Don Lemon said.

"You must," Cuomo said.

The picture is horrible and you have to wonder about CNN’s motives to air the photo?

You wonder if Trump is not sitting in the White House, does CNN put the picture on their air?

It’s sad to have to think that way, but this is what CNN has become. They have running out of ways to try and scare viewers about Donald Trump and now they are willing to just try and shock viewers with a photo of a dead kid and her dad.

You say we “Must” look at the picture, but do we really?

The headline says “Shocking Image Illustrates the Crisis at America’s Southern Border”

But, migrants have been crossing the border for decades and this is hardly not the first to die making that attempt.

Does this really have anything to do with President Trump? There is no doubt that the government is treating those in “custody” in an awful way and it needs to be stopped. But, this dad and daughter never made it to the United States. They never dealt with Border Patrol or the U.S. system.

Trump’s handling of migrants is awful, but trying to pin the death of these two on the President is a reach and to be honest. a new low, even for CNN.

CNN used the photo for shock value and as a political pawn and despite showing on the screen over and over again, we don’t have to look.

Despite Chris Cuomo telling us otherwise.