Sources: Nexstar to Make Deal with Fox Television


Sources are telling FTVLive that Nexstar is likely to sell KCPQ (Seattle) to Fox Television after the Nexstar/Tribune deal closes.

KCPQ is one of the stations that Fox has been very interested in and had planned on buying the station from Sinclair, when they were the proposed buyer of the Tribune stations.

The FCC pulled the plug on the Sinclair/Tribune deal and it appeared that Fox was not going to get the Seattle station they so much wanted.


But now, it looks like Fox might be getting KCPQ after all and they might not be done yet.

Word is that Fox also has its eyes on KDVR Denver and WJW Cleveland, two other Tribune stations that Nexstar is picking up in the deal.

Sources tell FTVLive that this is all tied to Fox affiliation agreement between Nexstar and Fox.

Look for an announcement soon after Nexstar acquires the Tribune stations.