Together Again in Palm Beach

Word is that WPEC (West Palm Beach) morning Anchors Suzanne Boyd and Eric Roby both left the station after Sinclair wanted them to take a pay cut.

Roby went into real estate sales and Boyd “spent more time with her family.”

But now, the two are together again on social media with a show they are calling “RISE and Live with Roby and Suze.”

On their YouTube, the show is described like this:

Suzanne Boyd and Eric Roby are among the most recognizable, trusted and well-liked TV personalities in South Florida. Their newest show, Rise+Live with Roby and Suze, is a morning talk show that focuses on what makes South Florida great. It’s upbeat. It’s fun.

Sources say that the plan is to stream the show each Friday morning. When FTVLive logged in after 3 days of the show being posted, it only had 109 views on YouTube. But, you have to start somewhere and one WPEC insider jokes it is still 100 people more than watch the morning newscast on the Sinclair station.


BTW, this appears to have become a thing for former morning anchors. Former WFAA (Dallas) Anchors Ron Corning and Alexa Conomos have launched an online show. So has former SoCal Anchor Carlos Amezcua and Lisa Remillard.

Here is Boyd and Roby announcing their new social media show: