The Fox News, Donald Trump Connection

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There is no doubt that Donald Trump has a very tight relationship with many at Fox News. Insiders tell FTVLive that Trump calls Sean Hannity “all the time” and sometimes he does so “several times a day.”

But, it seems that Judge Jeanine Pirro is also very close to Trump and she is willing to leak information to him that even hurts her own show.

The Washington Post is out with a story that talks about the cozy relationship between the two.

Early in the Trump campaign, Pirro tipped off Trump about how Roger Stone was going to go on her show and resign from the campaign.

The Post writes, it was August 2015, after the first Republican primary debate, and Fox News's Megyn Kelly had called out Trump's demeaning comments about women. The next day, Trump accused Kelly of having blood coming out of her "wherever."

Trump adviser Roger Stone, for decades a Republican operative, believed Trump was hurting his own cause. The day after the attack on Kelly, Stone crafted his resignation letter.

“Provocative media fights . . . overwhelmed your core message,” he wrote. “I can no longer remain involved in your campaign.” Stone was due to appear that night on one of Trump’s favorite Fox News shows, “Justice with Judge Jeanine.”

But when Pirro learned of Stone’s plans, she got word back to Trump, according to then-campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and two people familiar with the exchange. Now Trump could say he fired Stone before the strategist could go on the air.

Pirro’s heads-up allowed Trump to save face. He narrowly avoided one of his least favorite activities — looking like a loser.

For Jeanine Pirro, the decision to put her bond with Trump ahead of staging a dramatic moment on her TV show was not hard. “At this point in time, he’d been a candidate for six weeks, and she had been a friend for 25 years,” said a Trump adviser, one of several who declined to be named because they were not authorized to speak about Pirro.

The story goes on with more examples and it would seem that Fox News should never let this crap happen, but they do and Pirro continues to be employed.

Just another example of how bad cable news really is….

The Full Washington Post story.