Hearst Parts Way with Palm Beach Anchor


On June 11th, in a Patron only story, FTVLive told you that backlash was growing both inside and outside WPBF (West Palm Beach) Anchor Farron Salley.

Now, 6 moths after she was arrested on DUI charges, the station has decided to cuts ties with Salley the day after her 29th birthday and less than a month after her wedding.


FTVLive FIRST told you that Salley was arrested back in December of last year. We also posted a portion of the bodycam footage from the arresting officer.

Two months after her arrest, the charges were dropped and Salley returned to the air. Throughout the incident, WPBF owner Hearst remained mum about the arrest.

The story of Salley’s arrest became news again when months after the incident, the U.K.’s Daily Mail posted the full video of the traffic stop.

Now WPBF has announced that after reassessing the impact of the incident, station management and Salley mutually agreed that Salley would resign.

This all happens more than 6 months after she was arrested.

While you can argue yes or no to Salley’s arrest, you have to cast a big blame on WPBF and its owner Hearst.

The Bodycam footage of her arrest was public record, we are sure that management had seen the video and if they didn’t, shame on them.

They knew what was on the video, they knew that Salley was disrespectful for the officer, despite him being very professional.

It appears what management did hope was that viewers and her co-workers would not see the video and they it would all quietly go away. And that is exactly what did happen for months. But then it surfaced again and management did what they should have done in the first place, they cut ties with the Anchor.

Let’s hope that Hearst looks into the handling of this and when they do, Salley should not be the only one unemployed.

Just saying….