Firing Back at Wikipedia

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Sinclair’s Sharyl Attkisson does not like what was written about her on her Wikipedia page and now she has launched the Wikipedia Correction Project, or WCP.

She writes:

Are Wikipedia’s agenda editors keeping you from making edits to correct disinformation and false information?

I’m pleased to announced the Wikipedia Correction Project, or WCP.

It’s an informal way to invite people to correct or explain alleged bias and fact errors on Wikipedia pages.

Attkisson says that the goal is to make additional information that is censored on Wikipedia available elsewhere.

She then asks people to write their own post and that they should be factual and kind in doing so. She then adds, “I retain all rights to make edits or not publish submitted material at all.”

So you can be kind and you can be factual, but if Attkisson doesn’t like what you wrote, she can change it or ignore it completely. Sounds like she works just like Wikipedia.

Oh…she also would like someone to make her a FREE logo for the Wikipedia Correction Project.

While she will not pay for the logo, she will pay $50,000 to anyone that can prove the government is spying on her. No word if the $50 grand is coming out of her pocket or Sinclair’s?

No word if anyone is starting up the Sharyl Attkisson correction project, but maybe they should.