BREAKING! CNN Internal Memo

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FTVLive told you that CNN is going to shed around 300 staffers through layoffs and buyouts.

One of those leaving CNN will be Tony Maddox, the Executive VP and managing director, CNN International.

Here is the brief internal email he sent the staff and was obtained by FTVLive:

MONDAY, MAY 6, 2019

After 21 years I am leaving CNN.

It has been the honor of my life to work for, and then lead CNN International. What a privilege to make a living doing such important work with truly outstanding people.

I always feel enormous pride when I say I am with CNN. This really is a remarkable company. Working for it is real life, amplified. Everything is more intense, vivid, and in the end, so rewarding.

And now, I am ready for a rest.

If I start picking out all the folks who have made this so special, this will be a very long and boring note. But those of you who I have had the opportunity to work with closely should know how much you mean to me. It is these extraordinary relationships that ultimately make these jobs so worthwhile.

So let me close with a broad, and truly sincere, thank you.