Station Now Looking into Anchor's Comments


FTVLive was the FIRST to tell you about the comments made by WLEX Anchor Lee Cruse.

Cruse was talking about the BBC DJ that was fired for posting a racist picture depicting Prince Harry and Meghan Markle with a chimpanzee.

Cruse then declared that the racist DJ was now his “favorite.”

After the blowback, Cruse tried to apologize, but it was a lame attempt filled with so many excuses that he should not have even bothered.

After the FTVLive story, the local paper finally got around to covering the on air incident. But they did give FTVLive credit, which is refreshing.

And now FINALLY, WLEX says that they are “evaluating ... further” the incident that FTVLive first reported.

“The statements expressed were inappropriate and do not reflect who we are as a company,” WLEX 18 Vice President and GM Pat Dalbey said Thursday in a written statement. “WLEX is evaluating the matter further.”

It’s sad that it took an FTVLive story to get the Scripps station to finally address this.

If you ask us, Cruse needs to go. He openly supports a racist on air. Then, in his apology he freely admits that he does not read his scripps before going on air.

What more do you need to fire this clown?

Let’s hope Scripps does the right thing and has this Anchor Cruse right out the door.