Down to the Last Week in Atlanta

The book wraps up next Wednesday and so does the career of Anchor Sharon Reed at WGCL in Atlanta.

Reed signs off from the Meredith station on the 22nd and it closes another chapter at the troubled station.

As she looks back on her 4 years at the station, Reed says, “I think (journalism) is the greatest profession,” she said. “That responsibility shapes minds. It can reverse course if some people only saw a story one way, we can show them another way when you’re artful and creative with the story-telling. You can show them something different, a truth that is undeniable. I’ll never give up hope.”

Reed raised eyebrows when she used the N-Word on air after she claimed to get an email that called her a N**ger. (Link and video here.)

Looking back on that night on air, Reed says, “But at the same time, worse than somebody calling you a n*gg*r are the people that sit on the sidelines that believe racism no longer exists. It’s the least of what they call or email me,” she continued.

“It doesn’t hurt my feelings; she might have gotten me on the wrong day. But, there’s so many people out there, black and white, who have been sheltered or not, and you want to know what’s really out there. This is what’s really out there. I didn’t know what was going to come out of my mouth. But I told my executive producer, let’s put this on the air.”

One thing that is clear, Sharon Reed is going to do what she wants on air and off.

Reed was a lightning rod of controversy at WGCL and likely will be wherever she goes.

But, Sharon Reed can take a punch with the best of them. She speaks her mind and while you might not like it, you should respect it.

We’re not sure if WGCL will be better or worse without Sharon Reed, but you can damn well bet, it will not be as interesting.

H/T The Atlanta Voice