Upping O’Donnell's Profile at CBS

The rumors that CBS is going to move Norah O’Donnell into Jeff Glor’s chair will not go away.

Now, it appears that CBS is looking to up O’Donnell’s profile even more so at the network.

The New York Post says that CBS has given O’Donnell an “expanded role” at the network’s flagship “60 Minutes.”

O’Donnell, already a contributor to the CBS news magazine has been assigned her own team of “60 Minutes” producers to work on her projects.

Stories for the show can often take six months or more, and the move means O’Donnell will have a dedicated team.

It’s hoped that the plan will free her up to generate more hard-hitting, well-researched stories for the 51-year-old show.

Is this a move to give O’Donnell more exposure before moving her to CBS Evening News?

Time will tell, but so far CBS is not commenting.