Gone in the A-T-L


You may remember back in December, FTVLive showed you notes (in a Patron Exclusive story) that were passed back and forth between WGCL (Atlanta) Anchors Sharon Reed and Thomas Roberts.

The two anchors had taken to passing notes, so they would not be heard chatting on open mics.

In one note, the two were gossiping about WGCL Chief Meteorologist Paul Ossmann.

In the shows rundown, Ossmann’s initials show up as POS. The two Anchors write about how seeing those initials in the rundown reminds them of “Piece of Shit.”


Well, Ossmann’s initials will no longer appear that way in the rundown, because yesterday the station sacked him.

There was a brief email sent out by GM Lyle Banks, telling the staff that Ossmann is out the door, effective immediately.

FTVLive of course obtained the memo: