What's Next For Megyn Kelly?


You would think (hope) that Megyn Kelly would take her millions of dollars she got from NBC and just go away.

But, Kelly needs attention more than money and word is that she is looking to make a comeback.

But to where?

The Trump people don’t like her after her questions to Trump during the debate leading up to the election. The left has never liked her and her racist comments about “blackface” only helped secure that.

So where is Kelly going to go.

The Daily Beast talks about that question and really does not come up with any real answers.

They float the idea of her returning to Fox News, but FNC has told FTVLive there is no chance of that happening.

So… Where?

It seems that Kelly’s best chance would be Sinclair. Sinclair has hired Fox News castoffs that were fired for poor behavior, Kelly seems like the perfect fit.

Of course, Sinclair is not going to pay Kelly millions, but she really doesn’t need the money, she just needs the attention she so much craves.

I know Megyn Kelly thinks she is “soooo much bigger” than Sinclair, but she really is not.

That’s where she should go and it would be a perfect fit.