We Got Your Back

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Longtime WKRG (Mobile) Assignment Editor Jennifer Rogers is taking on cancer and the people working at WKRG say they have her back.

Rogers has been diagnosed with metastatic colon cancer. Doctors have told her it has spread from her colon to her liver and lungs.

Rogers has worked at WKRG for over eighteen years, and we wanted to lift her spirits. News Director, Chris Best encouraged the staff to spray their hair with blue hair spray.

Blue is the color of Colon Cancer Awareness, and Rogers dyed her hair blue this past Sunday, right before her first chemo treatment Monday.

"We know you are the toughest person in the building. We are here to help to show love and support and prayers. Everybody has your back," Best told Rogers.

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Secretly, before the morning meeting, everyone sprayed their hair and facial hair blue. When Jennifer walked into the studio, she burst into tears. She loved seeing everyone wearing their blue too! She says she is on a mission to spread awareness about colon cancer screening. She didn't have any symptoms before receiving the diagnosis, but she knows that many times people ignore symptoms, and then, it's too late.

"It is my mission to make sure people are aware of the disease and get screened. That is my new mission. People don't talk about colon and rectal cancer. I have turned it into a joke because I have butt cancer. If that makes people talk about it, then that's fine with me," Jennifer said.

What a great attitude and FTVLive is wishing nothing but the best in her cancer fight.