Tegna Adding Another Newscast with Comedian


FTVLive has told you how Tegna likes to hire Comedians to do their newscasts, because why would anyone want an actual Journalist doing the job?

It now looks like Tegna owned WGRZ is looking to add a new “newscast” at 4PM that will feature Kate Welshofer, who was a YouTuber that posted funny videos.

Since joining the Tegna station, Welshofer has been a substitute anchor in various time slots and has done comic feature material.

It now appears the station is going to give her her own show.

The Buffalo News says that the show will be titled “Most Buffalo” and is expected to be more fun than the typical newscast because of Welshofer’s talents, according to sources.

What is Tegna’s deal with trying to be funny and not cover news?