Reporter Fired for Having Sex at the Station

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Former CTV (Canada) Reporter Paul Bliss was fired for drinking and having sex at work.

Is that so wrong?

In an untested filing in Superior Court, CTV and its owner Bell Media say they began investigating complaints against Paul Bliss after a former freelancer, Bridget Brown, went public in January 2018 with accusations against him.

“The investigation revealed that Mr. Bliss had been engaging in sexual activities in the workplace with multiple individuals on multiple occasions for over 10 years,” Bell Media says in its statement of defence. “The investigation also revealed that Mr. Bliss continued to send sexually inappropriate messages using work resources, despite being warned by Human Resources previously that the conduct was not acceptable.”

The document served on Tuesday was filed as part of a $7.5-million defamation lawsuit Bliss launched a year ago against CTV, Bell Media, Brown and others.

CTV has previously refused to confirm it fired Bliss but the filing makes clear that’s what happened. The investigation, it says, prompted the network to terminate the reporter for cause. The statement of defence includes part of the termination letter given Bliss on March 6, 2018.

“…you admitted to consuming alcohol and repeatedly engaging in sexual activities, including intercourse, as recently as within the last year, after hours in the workplace,” the letter states. “You also admitted to entering into romantic relationships with young women with whom you could exert some influence to assist them in their careers.”

My question is, this went on for a decade? Why did it take so long to fire this guy?

H/T Global News