Atlanta Anchor: I'm Done Here After the Book


As FTVLive told you yesterday….

Controversial WGCL Anchor Sharon Reed announced to the staff that she was going to be leaving the station after the May book.

Insiders say that the news came as a shock too many of those that work at WGCL. Some, although surprised, were happy to hear the news. "We survived four years of Sharon Reed" shirts are being printed,” said one staffer to FTVLive.

A former WGCL News Manager was also surprised, but added that Reed was one of the” most divisive, destructive and mean spirited person I’ve ever worked with.”

WGCL News Director Steve Doerr, along with Reed told the newsroom in an afternoon meeting that she was leaving. Doerr gave Reed a lot of credit and said “where we are today is because of Sharon.” A few insiders said that snickered to themselves, given the fact that WGCL is the dog station of the market.

Reed did not say where she is headed next and Doerr did not say who would be replacing her. But, you can bet your bottom dollar that Reed’s replacement will be Shon Gables.

As to why Reed is leaving?

Some say she has another gig lined up and others say, the station opted out of her contract.

This much is true, WGCL will be a lot less interesting of a newsroom, without Sharon Reed in it.

Stay tuned and when you hear that Gables will be Reed’s replacement, try to act surprised.