Spiking the Story


New York Magazine Reporter Irin Carmon is out with an explosive story about how the Washing Post seemed to spike a story about former CBS 60 Minutes boss Jeff Fager.

She writes, “I don’t believe there is just one reason the Post rejected the Fager story. I think it was a little of everything. The legal squeeze. The close relationship between the paper and 60 Minutes. The easy identification with a powerful executive in our industry as opposed to the people complaining about him. #MeToo fatigue, a growing sense in journalistic circles that the movement might be going too far. I doubt I’ll ever really know. But much of my job has involved asking people, mostly women, to truthfully tell their stories even when it might harm them or the institutions they care about. I figured the least I could do was to try to do the same.”

It is well worth the read and you can do so here.