Out the Door in Indy

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WISH (Indianapolis) Anchor/Reporter Julian Grace is leaving his hometown station.

After eight years of working as an anchor and reporter in his hometown, Grace has announced his departure from the station in the town in which he grew up.

"See I was just a kid from the other side of the tracks who had a dream that maybe, just maybe, I could be a journalist in my city ... I was able to fulfill that dream," Grace says in the Facebook video. "You, the viewers, allowed me to be a steward of your trust. During the good, and bad. And you even allowed me to ask you questions. Even when it appeared you were at the mercy of your own emotions."

Grace joined the station in 2011 after leaving a KMOV (St. Louis)

"And for those inside Building 1950, also known as WISH-TV, I learned from the best of the best, and I don't take that lightly."

Grace has not announced his future plans.

H/T Indy Star