Reporter Waits for Life-Saving Transplant


KKTV (Colorado Springs) Reporter Dustin Cuzick's days revolve around two main activities: work and dialysis.

Every night for 11 and a half hours he uses an at-home dialysis machine. Another three hours of the dialysis process is done at work.

"It's kind of life-consuming," he said. "That's all I've really known the last two years is dialysis and work. Work has been a nice escape"

For the past two years, Cuzick has been waiting for a new kidney and pancreas. He has end-stage kidney disease from type 1 diabetes.

"Now I'm next on the list at my hospital," he said.

Many viewers have asked how he's doing: writing, calling, and asking his colleagues whenever there's a chance.

"We were out at a breaking news situation, and this lady came up and just wrapped her arms around me and hugged me and started to cry a little bit," Cuzick said, recalling one of many outpourings of support from viewers. "I lost it ... I know the viewers are out there, but to know that they care that much and to see them let you know -- I really appreciate it."

Other viewers have sent cards. Some have asked how they could get tested to find out if they could be a match. One woman even called the KKTV newsroom asking if she could donate her deceased son's organs. Staff in the newsroom couldn't hold back their tears as she expressed her hope that her loss of a loved one could help another live.

Cuzick is one of nearly 2,000 people in Colorado waiting for life-saving transplants, according to Donate Life Colorado.

Cuzick is no longer being tested for living donors, but he still encourages people to get checked if they're willing to donate to someone else who needs a life-saving transplant.

We wish him nothing but the best and hope that donor will soon be found.

"It doesn't require a lot of effort," Cuzick said. "It's a huge thing. It's a huge gift, but as far as checking that box (to donate your organs) on your license, it doesn't require a lot of effort, and it will literally change the lives of countless people."