John and Matt Kiss and Make Up

Yesterday, FTVLive showed you a video of WTVA Weatherman Matt Laubhan going off on a guy named John.

Laubhan emailed FTVLive and said, “I apologized to John that night, because as you know being around the business so long, while lives are more important than feelings, feelings are important as well.”

He also said that he figured he would end up on FTVLive. “As it was happening, I figured we’d probably end up at this moment,” Laubhan told FTVLive.

Look, Laubhan works in Tupelo, Mississippi and he was handling some severe weather in the area. Could he have done a better job? Sure. But, this is the very reason that people need to spend some time in small markets, make some mistakes and learn from them.

It appears that Laubhan is doing just that. For that we give him props and hope that next time the nasty weather hits, he will be a bit more calm and collected. That is what the viewers need more than anything when severe weather moves through the area.

We’re also happy to report that he brought “John” on the air to say he was sorry as well.