Back in the Saddle at Inside Edition


FTVLive was happy to see that Inside Edition Anchor Deborah Norville returned to the set after surgery to remove most of her thyroid following a cancer scare.

Doctors removed the right lobe and center part of Norville’s thyroid during the April 2 surgery at New York Presbyterian Hospital. Although the procedure was routine, it was not without risk.

“The area where the thyroid is located is also where the nerves that control your voice box are located,” Norville tells Inside Edition. “And let’s face it, I talk for a living, so it was very, very scary for me.”

Norville had her stitches removed on Friday. Her surgeon, Dr. William Kuhel, placed the stitches under her skin to minimize scarring. He says in a few months, the two-inch incision will be barely noticeable.

H/T Deadline