Staffers Think CBS Can't Afford Gayle King


FTVLive has told you that CBS Morning Anchor Gayle King is looking for a big bump up in pay.

Now, some at CBS think the network might not be able to afford her.

The New York Post writes that King’s deal negotiations at CBS are taking so long that staff now fear there’s not enough money to keep her.

The star is working on a new deal to stay on “CBS This Morning.” Word is she is looking double her current $5.5 million annual salary.

And while the contract was expected to be wrapped up earlier this month, it’s still not done. A high-level source told Page Six: “It’s not like CBS News can all of a sudden find ABC or NBC money — it has to come from somewhere.”

It’s been suggested that Susan Zirinsky, the new CBS News president, has been given an extra pot of cash to spend on talent.

But, our source added: “There’s not that much!”

Despite this, we’re reliably informed that the contract is in the hands of lawyers.

Another CBS News source said: “The big priority is keeping Gayle. The only thing that would really hurt CBS News at the moment is losing her.”

So much so, we’re told, that bigwigs are set to keep Jeff Glor on the network’s “Evening News” broadcast — even though King’s ­co-host Norah O’Donnell has been rumored to be taking the anchor role with the newscast potentially moving to Washington, DC.

The source said: “The morning show is the big priority.”