Atlanta Meteorologist Receives Death Threats

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The 2019 was one for the history books.

Tiger Woods, who most had written off to win another Major, did just that on Sunday. The 43 year-old Woods won his 5th Masters and 15 major championship on a day that Augusta National moved up the tee times, due to bad weather that was expected in the area.

That bad weather hit the Atlanta area, just about the time that Tiger Woods was making his move up the leaderboard.

WGCL Meteorologist Ella Dorsey broke into the Masters to advise viewers of the severe weather.

Needless to say viewers were not happy. But at least some were nice about it.

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To WGCL’s credit that did put the golf in a split screen and the box with the Masters was even bigger than the weather box.

Viewers did loose about 15 to 20 minutes of audio. But, WGCL did try to stay with the coverage as much as they could.

Also, it should be pointed out, that The Masters website offered up streaming and is one of the best websites for any major sports events on the planet.

But that did not stop some viewers from lashing out at Dorsey and from her hitting back:

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This viewer hit the nail on the head:

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