Lara Logan Talks Sinclair


Former CBS Reporter Lara Logan is making the move to Sinclair and she promises to be fair.

Logan will be working for a company that requires its stations to run the five-day-a-week pro-Trump cheerleading of decidedly untelegenic loyalist Boris Ephsteyn, and whose chairman, David Smith, once told future-president Trump: “We are here to deliver your messages.”

In 2016, Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner reportedly boasted to a group of business executives that he’d struck a deal with Sinclair for favorable coverage in return for regular access to the candidate.

What’s Logan’s take?

“I didn’t know about that—but anyway,” Logan said about Kushner’s boast. “David Smith owns Sinclair and he can do whatever he wants…I don’t care. I have absolute freedom with this, and no one has suggested in the slightest way interfering with my stories…They know exactly what they’re getting. They’re getting an independent, honest journalist who’s not owned by the left, and I’m not owned by the right either.”

Of course Sinclair only hired Logan after she came out and attacked the media for being too liberal, so it is not like Sinclair did not know where she stood.

As for Ephsteyn? Logan says, “I have no influence over what he does or doesn’t do,” saying that she has never watched Ephsteyn’s commentaries and doesn’t plan to.

So, she will be working for Sinclair, but has no plans to watch Sinclair’s newscasts which have a heavy does of Ephsteyn.

Logan also does not have much respect for CNN media critic Brian Stelter.

She thinks that Stelter and other critics are apparently colluding with Media Matters to slime independent journalists, Logan claimed. “Either it’s a miracle that rivals the Second Coming, or it’s by design,” she said. “They target other journalists and people they disagree with, with little regard for the truth.”

The way FTVLive sees it, you are likely not going to get the truth out of Brian Stelter or Lara Logan.

But, you can be assured that both will be looking for attention and not really concerned with real journalism.

Just saying….

BTW- Lara Logan might want to think about updating her Facebook page banner pic:

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