Gray Wants to Highjack Talent's Social Media

Yesterday, FTVLive told you that management at Gray is demanding that talent hand over their passwords to their social media.

At WOIO in Cleveland, Gray is telling talent that the need to establish WOIO manager Amanda Harnocz as an “administrator” of their Facebook accounts.

FTVLive obtained the internal email, telling them they need to do so:


FTVLive suggested that talent should create a new “work” page and keep your old one as your private page.

One insider said that they tried doing that and that Gray, “wouldn’t let me keep the other page saying it was in violation of company policy and I had to delete it.”

Our advice to those people is to still not let Gray, or any other company take control of a social media account that you have built up a following on. The company could kill the page at at point and all your work will be gone.

Maybe it is best to change the name on your personal page.

As an example, I make a work page called @ScottJonesWOIO and I change my personal page from @ScottJones to @ScottThomas using my middle name.

The idea that Gray wants to own your social media is complete BS. Sure they have the right to have you make a professional page and yes they can have admin privileges on that.

But, they should not be able to own or control your social media that you had when you joined the station.

Do not let them control that!