But He's in Last Place

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For some reason, The Hollywood Reporter did a profile story on CNN’s Chris Cuomo, and the story starts out with this line:

“The anchor has parlayed a combative style and a "both sides" approach into the top-rated broadcast on the third-place network. He's still not satisfied.”

Yes, Cuomo has the top rated show on CNN and he still finishes dead last in his time slot by miles.

Cuomo is a very distant 3rd behind Fox News host Sean Hannity and MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow.

According the The Hollywood Reporter, Cuomo is “still not satisfied” with finishing in last place.


Is there anyone that would be satisfied with being in dead last?

Why yes there is and his name is Jeff Zucker.

Talking about Cuomo and his last place show on CNN, Zucker says Cuomo's show is "everything we hoped it would be."

And yet….Jeff Zucker still has a job.

You can read the entire head shaking story on a last place show on the last place cable news channel at this link.