What the Hell?

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When it comes to cable news, you are NOT getting objective coverage.

Fox News is completely in bed with Trump. CNN is completely against anything Trump says or thinks and MSNBC seems to be in bed with the Democratic National Committee.

Late last week, Journalist Yashar Ali broke the news that NBC will hold the first DNC-sanctioned debate of the year on June 26.

NBC and the DNC wanted to break the story and announce the date a little bit later.

When Ali got the tip, he called the DNC to confirm the news. The DNC asked him to hold off until the state parties were notified. He said he was not going to do that.

Then he got a call from NBC/MSNBC’s Managing Editor of Politics, Dafna Linzer who asked him again to hold off on reporting the news.

But, Ali says that she was not acting on behalf of MSNBC, she was doing so on behalf of the DNC.

"She was trying to intimidate me..on behalf of the DNC," he said.

He posted about the exchange on his Twitter:

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With all the eyes on the media, you would think that MSNBC at least might want to appear to distance themselves from the DNC. Instead, they seem to be doing work on their behalf.

This is reason No. 4,328 why you should not watch or trust cable news.