You Might Want to Stay Away from this Reporter


Yesterday, FTVLIve told you that KING Reporter Alex Rozier almost died when he choked on some food at a dinner party.

A co-worker stepped in with the Heimlich maneuver and saved him.

But this is not Rozier’s first brush with death.

Back in December of 2017, FTVLive told you how he just missed being in a train accident.

Back then Rozier said, "I started my day riding an Amtrak train covering a story about expanded rail service in Western Washington. We left the station a little after 6 am. Once we arrived in Tacoma, Washington we exited the train to go cover another story. Minutes after we got off I got a phone call from my Executive Producer. She told me the train had just derailed. Multiple people are dead. Dozens are injured."

"I will be ok, but I will tell you this.....when I go home for Christmas in a few days I’ll hug my family a little tighter because I need it.”

If Rozier was a cat, he would be down to 7 lives left.

Just saying….