A Kings's Ransom?

Word is that CBS Morning News Anchor Gayle King makes about $6million bucks a year.

How anyone is expected to live on that is crazy.

So, word is King is looking for CBS to give her around a $10 million dollar raise to stick around Black Rock.

King still has a year left on her contract, but it seems she is looking for CBS to pay up if they want to keep her. King is said to want somewhere around $15 -$18 million bucks to stay.

FTVLive’s guess is that CBS will pay it and they almost have to.

CBS Morning News lost Charle Rose after he couldn’t keep it in his pants and word is that Norah O’Donnell is bound for Jeff Glor’s seat on the Evening News.

If King leaves, they will only have John Dickerson left.



CBS is going to pay King….at least if they are smart they will.

Proving that it pays to be Oprah’s best friend.