The Smaller Al Roker...

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Al Roker continues to drop pounds with both diet and exercise.

Roker says that he has dropped 40 pounds on the Keto diet.

The TV personality even addressed his cholesterol levels, saying, “My cholesterol — just had them checked a couple of weeks ago. Everything’s good.”

The weatherman has been extremely vocal about his support for the trendy diet, which involves eating foods that are low-carb and high-fat, and has even defended it against critics.

When “Biggest Loser” trainer Jillian Michaels slammed the keto diet as unhealthy in January, the 64-year-old star responded, “What works for you, works for you. There’s science on both sides that says it’s not a great idea and science that says it is a great idea.”

He added, “I think it’s up to people, with their doctor, with their medical professional (to make their own decision).”

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