Narcotics Investigators Still Looking into Chris Burrous' Death

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Glendale Police Narcotics Investigators are still looking into the death of KTLA Anchor Chris Burrous.

The popular Anchor died on December 27th after being found unconscious in a hotel room.

Burrous died from a meth overdose and narcotics detectives with the Glendale Police Department say they are still investigating the circumstances around the death.

Narcotics investigators are trying to find out how and where the meth was acquired.

Sgt. Dan Suttles told KFI’s Steve Gregory that the homicide portion of the investigation is officially closed but a drug-related case is underway. The male companion who was with Burrous at the hotel also told investigators that he was drinking GHB, known as the ‘date rape drug’.

According to the coroner's report, Burrous had inserted the drug into his anus and put on a bondage mask laced with amyl nitrate ``poppers'' during a sexual encounter with a man he met on the Grindr dating website.