Boris Epshteyn to Join NBC's Today Show, Host Meet the Press


FTVLive has learned that Sinclair’s Chief Political Analyst Boris Epshteyn is joining NBC’s Today Show and will also be replacing Chuck Todd on the Peacock’s Meet the Press.

Epshteyn will be sliding into Megyn Kelly’s old spot at 9AM and NBC is said to be centering the show around him.

“We screwed up big time hiring Megyn, but we think that we will make it all right by hiring Boris,” said an NBC Executive to FTVLive.

Todd will be moved over full time to MSNBC, while Epshteyn slides into his role on Meet the Press. Sinclair suits are said to be pissed that Epshteyn is bolting the company.

“This guy couldn’t get a job as a Walmart greeter and even though he mumbles, we still gave him a job paying north of $300,000 a year,” said a Sinclair suit to FTVLive. “Now he does this to us? He’s dead to us!” the Sinclair suit added.

This is the second time that Al Roker lost his (AM gig, first to Kelly and now to Epshteyn. Roker is said to be so mad that he is thinking about breaking his contract.

When FTVLive contacted a Producer at a Sinclair station to tell them that Boris was bolting Sinclair and his “must run” segments would no longer be running, the Producer said it was clear proof there is a God. “I have been praying so hard for this day and my prayer was finally answered,” the Producer screamed. “I feel sorry for NBC, but he can be their problem now,” he added.

As to when Epshteyn starts his role at NBC, word is that it will be today, April 1st, 2019.

And if that isn’t a good enough hint for you, you need to turn in your Journalism card right now.