Black Press Only

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A sign turned a lot of heads in Savannah.

Signs stating “Black press only” on the doors of a Savannah church where a meeting was held to garner support for just one black candidate in Savannah’s mayoral election.

White reporters were barred from entry, while black reporters for at least two television stations were permitted inside.

No one was allowed to record video or audio of the meeting.

Which begs the question, why would any TV station go into the meeting at all?

If the group is barring who is allowed to cover the event and not allowing recording, it seems like a good time for Savannah TV stations to take a stand and refuse to cover the story, until it can be done so with all Reporters and with the ability to record and document what was happening.

Stephen Moody, an African-American reporter with WJCL, who was allowed entry. Another reporter from WSAV who attended the meeting was told she could stay because she was black, Moody said.

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