All In the Family....

Sharyl Attkisson

Sharyl Attkisson

It appears that Sinclair’s Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson has hired on a relatively new Associate Producer with an interesting last name.

According to her Linked In bio, Sarah Attkisson has been working as an AP on the Sinclair show for almost two years. Before that, Sarah spent almost a year on the show as an intern.

According to her Linked In, she traveled to Singapore, South Korea and the Philippines to assist on shoots as an intern.

As an AP, Sarah traveled to France to associate produce on shoots.

Looks like Sinclair does not have a nepotism clause in their contracts and one hell of a travel budget.

It’s not often that interns and AP’s get the chance to fly around the world in Today’s TV news world. I wonder how many other interns Sinclair has flew to international locations?

Guess it’s good to have mom in high places.

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