The Mueller Report


Ever since Friday, cable news has been in overdrive over the fact that Special Counsel Robert Mueller submitted his report to Attorney General William Barr.

All day Saturday was cable news talking heads trying to guess what was in the report and what it meant? On Sunday, Barr summed up the over 600 day investigation in a short note to Congress which claimed that Trump was clear of collusion with Russia but maybe not the obstruction of justice claims.

Trump claimed he was completely cleared of both.

As to the report and what it means, that depends on what cable news outlet you are watching. Fox News is basically going along with Trump’s assessment that he is completely clear. CNN and MSNBC are holding onto the possible obstruction of justice claims and driving it into the ground.

Donald Trump Jr will be going on Tucker Carlson’s show tonight to spike the football.

The truth of the matter, is the public really still does not know what is in the report and either does cable news.

CNN’s Jim Acosta says that Trump will be going after the left wing media like CNN and MSNBC hard and let’s be honest doesn’t he deserve to?

As for Trump, he spent months blasting Mueller and the people working on the investigation and maybe now he wished he didn’t do that. If Mueller’s report cleared him of collusion, maybe he should not have spent years trying to tear down the guy and the work he was doing.

Sean Hannity tipped his hand as to what he will be doing tonight on his Fox News show:

Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 3.16.09 AM.png

The bottom line, there is nowhere you can turn when it comes to the big cable news networks to get the real story on the report and what little we really know about it.

That is the real crime here and we don’t need a Special Counsel to figure that out.