Nexstar to Get Rid of the Dog in Memphis


Nexstar has owned WATN in Memphis and it has been the dog station in market for years.

The station used to have the called letters WPTY, which many referred to at W-PITY as in it was a PITY to work for that station.

When Nexstar decided to buy Tribune, they had a choice in the Memphis market.

The could keep the dog station WATN and sell WREG the Tribune station, or dump the dog?

Nexstar decided to go with WREG and drop WATN to Tegna. One way to move up in the ratings? Just buy your competitor and takeover the station in front of you.

FTVLive FIRST told you back in January that Nexstar was looking to keep WREG and dump the dog. But, as we first reported, the folks at WREG might be getting a new home.

As we wrote in January, “WREG sits on the banks of the Mississippi River downtown in an area where redevelopment is booming. Insiders think that Nexstar might sell the WREG site for a hefty price tag and move the station to another part of town.

Obviously, the sale of the property and the moving would take some time, but insiders think it is just one more plan that Nexstar has to help line its pockets.”

It seems that Nexstar can move WREG studio and make a hefty profit off the land the current building still sits on.

As for the folks at WATN? When Tegna moves in, you can kiss hard news goodbye and look forward to doing stories you can find on Facebook.

Or, just update your resume and call your agent.

Just saying…